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55+ million

reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over prior year

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megawatt hours (MWh) of renewable energy sourced

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~500 million

receipts eliminated through digital and no receipt options

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people and babies served through maternal health investments

Healthy 2030 Impact Report

Creating a more equitable and sustainable future through Healthy 2030

Our Healthy 2030 strategy outlines how we are creating a more equitable health care system and sustainable future. It reinforces our Company’s strategy and is embedded in our purpose-driven culture.

Healthy 2030 is constructed through our four-pillar framework—Healthy People, Healthy Business, Healthy Community and Healthy Planet. We are focused on making a meaningful, measurable impact within each of the pillars outlined below.

Healthy People

We keep people at the center of all our decisions across CVS Health® because we believe every person has the fundamental right to be as healthy as possible. Every day, we work to make health care simpler, more accessible, more affordable and more convenient for every person we serve.

Whether we are increasing equitable access to health care and services, reducing energy use or making investments to support under-resourced communities to improve health outcomes, we are leveraging our expertise and resources to improve people’s health.

Healthy Business

We are purpose-driven—all of us. Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are a part of our core values and imperative to operating at our best. Together, we set high standards and hold ourselves to them. We work daily to create value for everyone who trusts and relies on us and ensure every action we take is done ethically and transparently.

We support our colleagues’ education and growth with scholarships, promote and develop leadership skills through training and development courses and continue strengthening our pipeline for a diverse workforce by expanding our workforce initiatives into our communities.

We integrate governance and partnership across our business segments and seek responsible and equitable purchasing practices throughout our supply chain.

Healthy Community

We are strengthening our communities by addressing the unique barriers to improving health outcomes locally. We will make a lasting impact by pulling together all our assets to encourage a more holistic approach and collaboration across our programs, investments and organizations. As part of this work, we are investing nationwide to expand access to mental and maternal health care services and address health-related social needs to complement our Company’s strategy and focus areas. When a natural disaster or other incident affects the communities where we live and work, we swiftly take action to ensure our response addresses our colleagues’ and customers’ evolving needs.

Healthy Planet

We are inseparable from the environment we operate in and the people we serve. That’s why we continue to invest in initiatives and programs that focus on improving the health of our planet—advancing our sustainability commitments and addressing the environmental factors that contribute to health inequities. We were one of the first companies in the world to have our net zero targets validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative’s (SBTi) net zero methodology. This set us on the path to achieving net zero emissions from our direct operations by 2048 and across our value chain by 2050. We’re also committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

Learn more about our strategy and progress in our Healthy 2030 Impact Report:

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